Graphic artist, illustrator of children’s books, designer, animation background animator and supervisor, maquette, creative marketing manager.

Services offered:

01. Illustrations
02. Photo compositions
03. Photo editing
04. Logo creation
05. Creation of proprietary styles
06. Creation of ideas for advertisement campaigns
07. Project and adverstisment scheduling
08. Creation of animated and proprietary characters
09. Creation of backgrounds for animated films
10. Creation of backgrounds for video games
11. Industrial design
12. Creation of packaging and labelling
13. Organization and directing of photoshoots
14. Product visualization before production
15. Product vizualization for advertising
16. Marketing consultancy
17. Layout creation
18. Preparation for printing
19. Designing of exterior advertisements
20. Designing of automotive advertisements
21. Interior design for Salons, restaurants, night clubs, shops, cafes, and other trading venues
22. Showcase design
23. Exhibition stand design
24. Design of advertisements on banners
25. Trading stand desing and documentation for trading equipment
26. Illustration of children’s books
27. Organization of advertisement production within the EU and Rusian Federation
28. Organization of printing and polygraphy within the EU and Russian Federation

Experience with computer graphics programs:
 Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Painter, etc.
 Work with Wacom 24 HDT tablet.

 Airbrushing, engraving, etching, ink, watercolour, pencil, gouache, acrylic, pastel, ceramic, sculpturing, polymer casting, stained glass.


Valerij shatunov was born in 1975 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

He finished high school in Vilnius and in 1991 graduated from art school near the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Science where he acquired an education in the fields of engraving, etching, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, art history and finished a dissertation on book illustration (engraving).

At the same time, along with his father Victor Shatunov, worked on creating illustrations for children’s books. The first book they illustrated together, titled „The house that was built by Jack“,  was released into the world in 1989 and was put into circulation three times in a row by the publisher „Malysh“. Number of released copies exceeded 3 000 000. Valerij continued working with his father creating illustrations for children’s books which published in more than 10 countires around the world. In total, the number of books released into circulation ammounted to 20 000 000 copies.

All illustrations are drawn by hand on watercolour paper.  Used for drawing are such tools as pencils, watercolours, gouache, acrylic, airbrush.

Since 1995 Valery Shatunov’s copyrights and intellectual property have been protected by the „LATGAA“ organization. This organization operates worldwide.

From 1997 he has worked as a makeup editor at „Polina“ publishers and has continued to work with his father in creating  such book series as „Guliver’s travels“, „The four musicians of Bremen“, „The three musketeers“,  „Varnas Kranklauzinas“ and others.

Publishers that release Shatunov books in Lithuania: „Polina“, „Vaga“, „AlmaLittera”, „Kronta”, „Tiraj”. Publishers in Russia: „Kristina“, „Kristina and Olga”, „Kristina and Ko”, „Astrel”, „Planeta detstva”, „Rosmen”,„AST”, „Malysh”,„Kruglyj god”,„Strekoza”,„Avanta +”,„Prof press”,„Karneol“.

Books have been published in Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, South Africa.

The number of books published together amounts to over 90.

In 1998 Valerij graduated from a computer school and acquired a degree in computer graphics.

In 1999 worked on using computers to improve hand drawn illustrations.

From 1999, under guidance from a famous Lithuain animator Ilja Bereznickij, Valerij starts studying the technology and peculiarities behind animation.

From 1999 perfectly uses Wacom tablet for creating computer graphics.

From 1999, along with animation studio „RIJA films“ (Latvia, Riga)(USA-Canadian-French corporation „BKN Studios“) started working on backgrounds for a full-length animation series composed of 22 episodes called „The Lost Continent“. Style – 2D realism, 3D analogue. Adobe Photoshop.

In 2000 works in creating „Tel Avivas“ GPS map for an American corporation „Zev Motors“.

In 2001 Valerij was sent out by the Lithunian animation studio „Vilanima“ to study the creating of new graphic styles. At the same time an animated series titled „Children of Fire“ was being made, during the creation of which Valerij received the status of supervisor for the background creation department. The degree of difficulty for drawing backgrounds at the time was 9 out of 10. Style: gouache +  pastel, design using Adobe Photoshop computer software.

In 2002 was casted and accepted by“Varga Studio“ in Hungary where he created backgrounds for an animated series called „Captain Saberoth“ (Hungary – Australia). Style: waterclorous, pencil, design and editing using Painter and Adobe Photoshop computer software.

(   “Captain Sabertooth” (2003) “KapteinSabeltann”.)

At the same time during 2002 started working with advertising projects – creation of proprietary graphic styles, logos and various proprietary style elements, external advertising, maps for private companies

From 2002 also worked as a graphics designer for one of the leading global advertising agencies „AGECOM“ – „LOWEAGE“ (Lithuania)

Valerij, along with „LOWEAGE“ agency, received a number of awards during the international contest „Adrenalin“: 2 golden arrows, 3 silver arrows, 5 bronze arrows. Currently publicized not only in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia but also in Sweden, Belarus, Poland, Russia and others.

In 2005 started his own advertising agency „Vizualas“

Currently Valerij Shatunov and his agency are working on various projects in a number of countries across the world -Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Norway, England, Georgia, and others- for various advertising agencies and private clients. Valerij continues working in the agency and as a freelance designer. He professionally makes use of various computer graphics programs such as  Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Painter, and others (if that is required for project realization).

In 2008, based on a polimer compound, created a new decorative lighting line with programmable LED special effects – „STARSTONE“

In 2014 Valerij Shatunov works not only in the field of graphic design but also creates marketing and advertising plans for his clients from various countries across the globe: Lithuania, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, etc.

You can always contact Valerij and make a query regarding graphic design or other issues and forward any related information via the contacts below.

Valerij Shatunov’s moto: responsible, efficient and quality orientated attitude towards your work is a direct route to a satisfied client.